The Dumbing Down of America

If you haven’t seen the movie, Idiocracy, stop reading this and go watch it. Now. No? Okay, but at least watch the trailer. It helps explain the dumbing down of America.

Set 500 years in the future, Idiocracy describes a society that has deteriorated to a place where:

  • everything is bought at COSTCO, including a law degree (Wal-Mart),
  • you can get a ‘full-body latte’ *wink, wink* at Starbucks (Internet porn),
  • the No. 1 hit on TV is “Ow, my balls!” (YouTube), and
  • POTUS is a former porn star (Stormy Daniels). Yeah, I know, but you get my drift.

Fiction? Obviously, but the parallels are uncanny and though an exaggeration, it’s a tad on the money.

Check out President Camacho’s State of the Union address.

“I give you my word, I’m gonna fix the economy, and I’m gonna do it one week.”

A nod to Terry Crews in this scene. His character is the opposite yet exactly the same as Trump. Physically, of course, one of them has pecs, the other one has boobs, but the words coming out of his face hole are the same blind promises Trump spouts at every one of his rallies. Fact and basic knowledge are crumpled up like a used Kleenex and tossed aside. Tell the base what they want to hear, trample on the environment a little bit, then shoot off a couple rounds. Goodness, I’m aroused.

terry crews GIF

The world is laughing at us, not with us. Oh wait, we’re not laughing. Seriously, the dumbing down of America began a decade or so ago when shit like The Apprentice and Honey Boo boo proved how little it took to entertain us.

Our place on the world stage may be gone forever.


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