My Boss, the Anti-Democrat

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I’ve worked in some sort of male-dominated field most of my life. I have a thick skin and a dirty mouth. I fit right in. In fact, I prefer working with men, but this guy I work for now— he’s a different deck of cards. He has a lot of the underlying similarities as many of the assholes I’ve worked with, but it oozes out in a different form.

He is anti-Democrat.

It’s the easiest way to describe his whole outlook on life. Throw in a heavy pinch of racism and a dash of religion and we’ve got a stew of 1950s angst. Boy howdy.

Our clashes began with my political affiliation. Holy cow, when he found out I voted for Bernie… I was doomed. Doomed as doomed can be. He denied calling me an idiot because he meant all the other people who voted for Bernie were idiots. I was okay because I still had three horse stalls to clean.

Living in a RED state is hard enough for those of us who have our eyes wide open in disbelief at the disaster in the White House.

“I’m President! Can you believe it?”

No. No, I can’t, and guys like my boss put him in office.

At work, everybody else has learned to avoid eye contact when he starts talking about Obama and using the N-word. I learned the hard way. I engaged. Big mistake. But you never know what might piss him off. That’s dumb. Everything pisses him off. I’m sensing a pattern.

I’ve repeatedly told him his comments made me uncomfortable. He’s been a pretty good boy for seven, eight months, but he couldn’t get past the holidays without one comment.

“But you don’t celebrate Christmas, do you?”

Because I’m an atheist. He said it with a smile so that makes it okay.

Anyway, he’s been good ever since I blew up at him because he told the new doctor I was a Democrat and an atheist. Yeah. Apparently, I require full disclosure like a realtor having to tell buyers about the erotic asphyxiation in the basement.

“I hope you don’t mind working with a Democrat!”

I’m not sure which he thinks is worse. Voting for Bernie or not accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

The crew rolls their eyes and head to the office for their ‘morning dose of racism.’ He’s an asshole. There’s more to come, believe me.


About angelallindseth

Putting the finishing touches on The Contraption, a dystopian novel dealing with conversion therapy and social inequality. It's The Handmaid's Tale meets Divergent.
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4 Responses to My Boss, the Anti-Democrat

  1. We messed up with the ‘political correctness’ thing. We taught racists and asshats not to say what they were thinking… we didn’t teach them to stop thinking it. Now, the muzzle has been removed,

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