Treasonous and Un-American

Because the Dems didn’t grovel at his feet during the State of the Union, Trump sunk to a new low in name-calling using the word treason. Wow. Well, he ought to know about treason.  He longs for God-like worshiping, but he’ll have to get that from his fact-hating base.


By the way, Alice Cooper would make a better president.

Requests for unification and setting aside our differences were immediately overpowered by Trump’s twitterstorm and his comments at the rally today. His warcry of treason is just another example of Trump’s two faces: teleprompter trump and everything else.

Image result for two face trump

He has no intention to work with the Democrats.

What about the DACA ‘bill of love?’

We are headed toward another government shutdown, yet he holds the Dreamers hostage for a wall that won’t work, again. Democrats offered a bipartisan agreement last year for a solution to a problem HE CREATED, but it was rejected.

Un-American? Yes, you are Donald Trump, and we will see about the treason part. Your whole-hearted release of the Nunes memo (before even reading it) is just another log on the obstruction fire. Your fear is showing.

For me, the SOTU proved he could read (but not well) and nothing more.



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3 Responses to Treasonous and Un-American

  1. It is really hard to believe an international leader would be so careless with words. He will need to be on his toes when he debates Bernie Sanders in 2020. 🙂

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