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31 Days Of Halloween – Teaser Tuesday #1 — Timothy Bateson (ramblings of an author)

Under A Hunter’s Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel One) Richard Parsons is a maverick wolf-shifter with a tendency to find trouble. When a traveling exhibition returns to the McCaw Museum Richard finds that he has personal reasons to visit after … Continue reading

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The Lines on Daddy

  When I was little, I thought the lines on Daddy made him look old and worn like one of his saddle blankets full of stains and rips. Both had seen better days. Now I understand each line helped him … Continue reading

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Historic South Dakota

    When people hear “South Dakota” they often jump to an image of an endless prairie. Believe me, there’s plenty of that, but it does have a rich history and great beauty. I live in the Black Hills. This … Continue reading

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New growth

Grandma wore a floppy hat and garden gloves. I would carry the watering can, following her down the row as she scattered the seeds. She would kiss the seeds before she planted them in the ground. “Grandma, why do you … Continue reading

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Things I say I’ll do this spring but know I won’t.

Garden. Damn you Pinterest and all your helpful ideas. Way to make me feel bad about myself. An herb garden is the first on my list of things I won’t plant. Shave my legs. Now before you go curling your … Continue reading

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South Dakota’s Hidden Treasures

  South Dakota is a hidden treasure. Sure we have Mt. Rushmore, but that’s not what makes it special. We have Crazy House Monument and the Badlands, Harney Peak and Jewel Cave. My favorite treasure in the Black Hills is Iron … Continue reading

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Library Lust

I remember the tiny library in Martin, South Dakota, where I grew up. The books I wanted were on the first of two aisles, eye-level. The Black Stallion Series by Walter Farley. My first career goal: jockey. A dream blasted by the … Continue reading

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The Dawes Act (i.e. stealing from Native Americans)

On this day in 1887, Grover Cleveland signed the Dawes Act, also called the General Allotment Act, which split up reservations held communally by Native American tribes into smaller units and distributed these units to individuals within the tribe constituted … Continue reading

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A Birch’s Guide to Exercise

Exercise is like Fight Club. If you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist. Don’t get caught up in its vicious cycle. The more you exercise, the more you have to exert yourself to raise your heart rate. Why do … Continue reading

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Exist to Resist

For fuck’s sake. His embrace of the Women’s March feels like the purvy cousin who used to watch us play in the sprinklers when we were kids while he chain-smoked and drank Keystone Light. Ugh. Does he think we marched because of how … Continue reading

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