Tower of Earth

MALIK, devastated by the brutal murder of his parents, flees the Silver Oak Forest with SCALONE, an ancient wizard. The wizard, consumed by a dream and the drink he uses to suppress it, has led the enemy to Malik’s door.

Malik resides in the Rejaque Kingdom, which is protected by The Wall, a force field that emanates from five towers strategically located around its borders. Each tower is protected by a wizard who is given a key that controls their respective portion of The Wall. ZORAD, the wizard to the Tower of Earth, succumbing to his paranoia, greed, and insatiable need to control the kingdom, is threatened by Scalone’s dream which hints of Zorad’s downfall at the hands of a young Ootime boy, i.e. Malik. Zorad uses his authority to commit genocide on the Ootime race.

Malik puts part of the blame on Scalone for his parents’ death, but must rely on the aged wizard to survive and teach him about his newly discovered powers. He vows to extract revenge against Zorad for the death of his people.

They flee to the Tower of Knowledge to council with the tower’s wizard, Scalone’s long-time friend and confidant. They decide to confront Zorad, but on the way to the Tower of Earth, Malik is kidnapped. He escapes only to find Scalone and another companion, have been captured by Zorad’s creatures and are being held in the dungeons beneath the tower.

Malik flees to the Tower of Sky province where he meets, and falls in love with, a blue-haired, bird-riding, extrovert who helps ease Malik’s anger and sorrow. Together they master a plan and rescue Malik’s friends.