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His Touch

The first time she felt his lips her body tingled, not just the wondrous moment of skin on skin, but an actual tingle. He nuzzled her neck and her side erupted with goosebumps, all the way to her toes. God, … Continue reading

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The Rats

They say rats won’t eat live flesh, but I feel their whiskers tickling my toes. The chains hold me tight against the basement wall, a cold clammy embrace that sucks away my hope. He has left me water to suckle … Continue reading

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Noble beast

My answer to FOWC Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Noble He is but a shadow of his ancestors, but in his mind, Rex is a noble beast, a worthy adversary, a formidable foe. He looks with disdain at the lowly canine and … Continue reading

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Grandma Mabel

Little Margaret had never been to a funeral before and was pretty sure she didn’t want to go to this one. Grandma Mabel had left her behind; left her to bake her own cookies, to tuck herself in at night, … Continue reading

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Starts with W

My response to City Sonnet’s January Photo of the Day Challenge for January 20. Can you guess what my ‘W’ stands for? It was a fun day In Rapid City, South Dakota. I was happy to see a more diverse crowd … Continue reading

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Here is my contribution to Becca’s Sunday Trees – 375 photo challenge. Birches against the sky. I love the perseverance of this bugger. Let nothing stand in your way. I wrote this story with this tree in mind. A Tree for Momma … Continue reading

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Enjoy my response to Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Something to Ponder About. Our family trip to Hawaii last year was an amazing adventure. The first two photos are from Pu’u Wa’awa’a volcano which was used as a cattle ranch … Continue reading

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Old School

                                                                             Plainview School, … Continue reading

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EVENT: Women’s March 2019 on Washington D.C. — EVENT: Women’s March 2019 on Washington D.C.

Get ready. On January 19, 2019 the Women’s Wave is converging on Washington D.C. for the 2019 Women’s March. Specifically, the following issues are spotlighted: Ending violence Reproductive rights LGBTQIA rights Workers rights Civil rights Disability rights Immigrant rights Environmental justice … Continue reading

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The Basement

The chill in the air took his breath, sucked it away leaving little icicles of dread that gripped his hope and melted it away. She was near. He hadn’t seen her face, but her presence lingered in the crevasses of … Continue reading

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