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54 no-fee Writing Contests

February 2018 Submissions 36 Calls for Submissions in January 2018 – Paying Markets Advertisements

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A Birch’s Guide to Exercise

Exercise is like Fight Club. If you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist. Don’t get caught up in its vicious cycle. The more you exercise, the more you have to exert yourself to raise your heart rate. Why do … Continue reading

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My Boss, the Anti-Democrat

I’ve worked in some sort of male-dominated field most of my life. I have a thick skin and a dirty mouth. I fit right in. In fact, I prefer working with men, but this guy I work for now— he’s … Continue reading

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The Dumbing Down of America

If you haven’t seen the movie, Idiocracy, stop reading this and go watch it. Now. No? Okay, but at least watch the trailer. It helps explain the dumbing down of America. Set 500 years in the future, Idiocracy describes a … Continue reading

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Eclipse – Variation on a Theme

Totality, baby! We observed the eclipse in Casper, Wyoming. Talk about cool. The Daily Post: Variation on a Theme

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Silence   The South Dakota landscape owns a special kind of silence, wide and endless, a package of time oblivious to people. The prairie celebrates hardship and embraces the scars left by erosion. When left in … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Candid

My voice is a weapon, my words bullets against your guns. via Daily Prompt: Candid

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Just thought you should know: What I learned from the Lakota People.

Originally posted on The Purple Almond:
My heart has been heavy this week. I’ve been sad, irritated and short tempered. (To the chagrin of my family!). I am a very empathetic person, and the feelings of others often resonate very…

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Exist to Resist

For fuck’s sake. His embrace of the Women’s March feels like the purvy cousin who used to watch us play in the sprinklers when we were kids while he chain-smoked and drank Keystone Light. Ugh. Does he think we marched because of how … Continue reading

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Branding, Baby

I’ve been told not let my politics rule my social media profiles. It could cost book sales. Well, I say fuck that. I am going to bathe in my values because I give a shit. If what I think contributes … Continue reading

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