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Three Squeezes

Three squeezes. I give her finger three squeezes, my tiny, hand not big enough to reach across her palm. It’s an unspoken caress in a household full of distance and cold words. Her digits are firm, strong, and confident, just … Continue reading

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Political Crack Undone

I cried when I awoke to the fact that donald will be president. I refuse to call him president-elect. I refuse to use his surname. He doesn’t dignify capitalization of his first name. When he does something I can back, … Continue reading

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History/Origins of Steampunk

Doing some research for my new novella, The Contraption. I need to steampunk it up more. It deals with the horrendous topic of conversion therapy. It will be laced with horror and a dash of romance. Steampunk, before it became … Continue reading

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Little River Dog

This is fiction. For now. River has cancer, so much cancer, but for now she seems happy and healthy but the lump on her throat is growing. She’s the love of my life.  She’s been gone for three days now. … Continue reading

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