RESOLUTIONS (well one, anyway)


I’ve had this blog, if you can call it that, for several years. I’m paying for the domain, so I may as well give a stab at a New Year’s resolution and fire out a few essays. Words of wisdom, if I may.

Lol. Who am I kidding? Not you, my fine friends. I won’t have much to share that is new, but maybe I’ll throw it out there with a little wit and with writing that doesn’t suck.

I’m the friend who thinks dropping in unannounced is charming so I will show up sometime during the week during waking hours, just like the cable guy.

Pretend to be happy to see me.

That’s my grand plan. Sounds easy, but those who know me, know my good intentions generally lead to a lack of commitment, so I have no direction for the blog, but I’m sure I’ll be dipping into current affairs quite a bit because it’s what I care about most these days. It’s the only thing I will thank Trump for.

My opinions will be delivered with a scrape of butter on top to help cover up the bitterness in your mouth. You know, the taste you get from a side of uncomfortable. I will soften my tone because no one wants to read the cascade of names I’ve assigned to the asshole-in-chief or about how much I abhor the political environment.  There will be no question to which side of the aisle I lean, spiritually or politically.

I will not bully or be bullied.

I’d prefer my readers to be like-minded. It’ll make a better experience for all of us, I mean, if you like westerns, you’re not going to like my horror flash fiction. Same goes for this: if you’re a Trump supporter, still, put your head back in the sand. Dig in, baby, because the White House has one foot on that slippery slope. However, I welcome an intelligent conversation, a fair exchange backed up by fact and proper grammar.

I am an acquired taste. Pair me with a nice merlot.

There will be curse words. Fuck is my favorite, and I consider it the most versatile, underappreciated spice in the English language. I’ll write about things that bug me, things I don’t understand, but mostly I will speak out against the rash of injustice plaguing our world or my speck of the universe. I’ll throw in some of my flash fiction. There will be updates on my writing and my pets. Hmm… what else?

I’m not trying to make a mark in the world, just expand my writer’s platform, but hopefully, I will bond with one or two of you. We’re not alone, and we will continue to exist and resist, side by side.

About angelallindseth

Putting the finishing touches on The Contraption, a dystopian novel dealing with conversion therapy and social inequality. It's The Handmaid's Tale meets Divergent.
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9 Responses to RESOLUTIONS (well one, anyway)

  1. So, what are you trying to say? You’ll buy the first round? 😊😉❤

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  2. PolitiGal says:

    I’ve had to go off on a few bloggers that have tried bullying me online. LMAO! I have always believed that a blog is someone’s space to express their thought. If people don’t like your thoughts or views, they can move the hell on. That’s my philosophy anyway! I’ve also had my blog for years, and there have been some times when I just didn’t do anything with it. But it has become a therapeutic outlet for me, so I blog almost daily. good luck!

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  3. thecolloquiumbunch says:

    Really enjoyed reading this!

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