How I know I’m old

this is one crazy old lady. She has been photographed by thousands for a peso....not so crazy now.

  1. Three hairs! appeared OVERNIGHT on my chin. I braided them with tiny beads. It looks cool.
  2. I can’t undo my bra behind my back with one hand anymore. I don’t know if I’m old or my flexibility is limited to putting on my shoes. I know it’s both. Get off my back.
  3. I look at young people and think “I remember being that age…  sort of.”
  4. I talk dirty to my bed, “I’m gonna sleep on you good. That’s right, and you’re gonna like it.”
  5. You know that thing when you lay on your back, put your feet in the air with your hands supporting your butt, and pretend to pedal a bike? I can’t do that anymore. In defense, I don’t think your ass should EVER be higher than your head if you’re over 50. That’s just good sense.
  6. I’m starting to look like my mother. *Mike drop*

BTW I want to hang with the birch in this image. I can only hope to ever have that much self-confidence.

Exist and Resist


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